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A Lifetime Of Security

By writing your Will, you have prepared one of the most important legal documents of your life.

However this becomes irrelevant if the Will is lost or destroyed.

Damage to your Will can make it less clear and the intent may be disputed. Courts may deem your Will to be invalid.

Fire, flood and burglary are just some of the reasons why home storage not recommended.

Sadly Wills often go missing and it is important to note that a large number of Wills are fraudulently altered every year.

Where should you keep a Will?

The best way to avoid risks is to store your Will in a secure deposit.

UK Will Safe can provide that service for you and make your documents easily available to your executors when they are needed.

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Can you make copies?

The original Will is the only Will.

Original versions of legal documents such as Wills and Powers of Attorney are the only legally binding versions as they include your original signature. Scans, photocopies and computer records are not valid.

When you store your documents with UK Will Safe, you and your executors will receive a “Certificate of Safe Custody”. The location of your documents will be registered on the National Wills Register so that they cannot be lost. When your Executors need to access your Will, they must provide a death certificate and proof of identity. The Will is then sent to the executors using a secure, next day delivery service.

What if something goes wrong?

UK Will Safe Ltd is insured for up to £2 million in the unlikely event that anything unexpected should happen. This is to cover any compensation that would be necessary if someone were to lose out or incur costs as a result of no legally binding document being available.

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