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Basic Wills
Your Will sets out a list of instructions for the distribution of your property and assets when you die.

By making a Will you can ensure that you leave your property, money and other assets to the people you choose. It can include preferences on funeral arrangements and organ donation.
An Estate Plan is not just for the very wealthy. Find out how a Fielding Triggs Full Estate Plan can benefit you and your family by contacting us today. We can help protect your assets with Trusts to ensure they remain in your bloodline.
You may reduce Inheritance Tax and even limit the amount of money you pay for future social care in some circumstances.
Fielding Triggs offers two other types of will that cater for different circumstances.
Wills with severance of tenancy where the normal rules regarding willing property do not apply.
Estate Plans that take account of Inheritance Tax and effects of divorce and disinheritance. Includes re-planning and a new will on the death of a first partner.
What if you were to lose mental capacity in your lifetime through injury or an illness like dementia? Could your loved ones pay the mortgage and other debts without access to your bank accounts?

Find out why it is so important to appoint trusted LPAs to manage your affairs.