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Before you start to make a Will there are some things you need to decide.
Who will be the executors?
Who will be the guardians of your children?
Should anyone be excluded
Funeral and burial arrangements
Pre-Instruction Information
The Will making process will be much easier and quicker if you have got all your ducks in a row before you start.

Don't worry if you are not certain about any of this. Out experts are there to guide you through the process when they take your instructions.

You can print and complete this form

Your will is probably the most important legal document you will ever sign as it records your wishes and instructions that are to be carried out after your death.

You will need to decide who you want to do this for you (Executors) and, if you have children, who you would want to look after them (Guardians).

Finally, there is provision to record your wishes regarding Organ donation and what type of funeral you wish to have.
Your details

Title Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss / Dr Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss / Dr
Full Name    
Date of Birth    
Status M / LwP / En / CP / Si / Se / W M / LwP / En / CP / Si / Se / W
M = Married / LwP = Living with Partner/ En = Engaged / CP = Civil Partnership / Si = Single / Se = Separated / W = Widowed
Reference   Date  

Children - Guardians

If you have children who are under 18 years of age then it is imperative that you appoint guardians in case you both die. If you don't then your local Social Services will take them into care and place them with foster parents.

If you are thinking about parents then consider their age and could they cope with stroppy teenagers. Also, should they pass away your children will need to be uprooted again.

Your brothers or sisters are an excellent choice, especially if there is one the children have as "favourite"...

It will be a difficult time for the children; so if the guardian lives fairly close the children can stay at the same school with their friends. It doesn't have to be a family member by the way. A close, trusted friend may be a good choice.

Their Full Name Address Telephone Relation to You
It is usual to leave money to guardians to help them with the cost of bringing up your children. Do you wish to do this and if so how much? Y / N / N.A
Is Guardian two joint or reserve? Reserve / Joint / N.A.
We usually send the guardians an information pack. Will that be OK? Yes / No / N.A.

Executors - they carry out your wishes

These are the people who have to register your death and arrange and pay for your funeral (if this concerns you ask about a pre-paid Funeral Plan). Copies of the death certificate have to be sent to employers, insurance companies, mortgage lenders, councils, DVLA, passport, utilities...

The estate (everything that you leave behind) then has to be professionally valued for HMRC to determine if Inheritance Tax might be an issue. Finally they have to distribute your assets according to your wishes.

You need more than one executor (just in case!) and they need to be conveniently located. Brothers or sisters are an excellent choice as are close trusted friends. You wouldn't normally choose parents.

This is a very difficult job and professional help is usually appreciated.

Usually you would appoint each other as main executor. Will that be OK? Yes / No / N.A.
Is there anyone else you want to help out? Perhaps family or trusted friends? Yes / No / N.A.
Their Full Name Address Telephone Relation to You For Who
        Both / 1st / 2nd / N.A.
        Both / 1st / 2nd / N.A.
It is strongly recommended that you appoint "The Society of Will Writers" as professional help. They will ensure that your assets are passed to your beneficiaries after you both pass away Yes / No / N.A
We usually send the executors an information pack. Will that be OK? Yes / No / N.A.

Specific Gifts

These are the items that have sentimental value (maybe monetary as well) that you want to be sure get to the right people.

From To Who Are They What
Both / 1st / 2nd / N.A.      
Both / 1st / 2nd / N.A.      

Is There Anyone to be Excluded?

By Client 1 / Client 2 / N.A. Client 1 / Client 2 / N.A.
Their Full Name    
Relation to you    

Funeral Wishes

  Client 1 Client 2
Organ Donation Yes / No Yes / No
Funeral Arrangements CR / BU / MR / NP CR / BU / MR / NP
CR = Cremation / BU = Burial / MR = Medical Research / NP = No Preference

Extra Notes

Clarify any other information or just general guidance. For example - not to inherit until age 25