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Protect your assets with Trusts to ensure they remain in your bloodline
Home Visits
Free Amendments for 12 months
Up to 4 trusts
Professional Executors & Trustees
Stored for Life
Support and Free Reviews
Full Estate Plans
Fielding Triggs experts can use Trusts to protect your assets from many potential threats.

Talk to one of our advisers about how you could benefit from the following:

Trusts can ensure your assets remain in your bloodline, rather than going to a widow or widowers next spouse, beneficiaries' partners post divorce, beneficiaries' creditors or the tax man.

Where joint owners have input different equity amounts from the outset, your property can be split to reflect this. For example, Mr X may have put £50,000 and Mrs X £100,000 into the initial purchase. We can ensure Mrs X has two thirds equity share of the property and Mr X one third.

Trust assets are not required to go through probate. This probate period can last 4 weeks to 4 years in extreme cases. You can also save on costly probate fees.

A carefully structured Trust may limit your liability for any future social care costs.

You can make Inheritance Tax savings too.

Standard features

A home visit from our professional instruction takers

Your Will(s) are professionally produced and bound

Any amendments to the Will are free *within the 1st year

Relevant Trusts are produced and bound (up to a maximum of 4, price on application for additional Trusts)

Free inclusion of professional Executors & Trustees

A further home visit from our instruction taker to ensure the documents are correctly signed

All documents are stored for life, with no annual costs

You receive copies of the documents for your records

An on-going support function and free reviews