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  • Key Person Cover
  • Shareholder and Business Partner Protection
  • Loan Protection
Is your business vulnerable to the loss of an owner or key employee?
Critical illness or the death of a vital employee, shareholder or partner can have a dramatic impact. Profits can be hit, loans may need to be repaid at short notice and the transition period is often costly.
With Business Protection your company does not have to falter if you lose someone vital.
We can help you cover your business needs with a policy that pays out when you need it most. Find out how life assurance and critical illness cover can help you safeguard the future of your business.
Fielding Triggs are able to offer business protection through Fielding Triggs Protect which is a trading name of Your Mortgage Decisions Ltd
Key Person Cover If a vital employee dies or becomes terminally ill that can hit your profits. You get funds to replace lost profit or fund the recruitment of a replacement
Shareholder and Business Partner Protection If a shareholder or business partner dies their shares may pass to someone who wants to sell them or become active in the business. You get funds to purchase those shares
Loan Protection Directors loans should be paid off on death. You get funds to pay off loans, overdrafts and commercial mortgages